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    30 Oct 2011 ... Calligraphy - Beautiful Writing - Learn calligraphy from tutorials starting with basic letter shapes and continuing to alphabets and decoration.
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    21 Feb 2014 ... Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto (CAGT) - Non-profit organization, run by volunteers. Offers classes and workshops, events and membership ...
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    2 Feb 2014 ... Arabic Calligraphy - Production of an artist making calligraphic paintings ... Arabic Calligraphy Art - Middle Eastern artworks including original ...
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    See also: Arts: Visual Arts: Calligraphy (83); Business: Arts and ...
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    22 Feb 2014 ... Various websites and resources for calligraphy. Readers need to discern quality and ...
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    The term Visual Arts refers to any art form that is primarily visible in nature. ... ASCII Art; Assemblage Art; Body Art; Calligraphy; Ceramics; Collage; Comics
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    A website offering hand rated information about UK Calligraphers. ... A practising calligrapher demonstrates his art and the processes involved; also includes ...
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    In the visual arts, interlace is a decorative element found in medieval art. In interlace ... Islamic art. Interlaced elaborations are also found in Kufic calligraphy.
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    Barbara Bash is a calligrapher, illustrator, author and performance artist. She has written and illustrated many books on natural history for adults and children.