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    Resource of Australian and international legal materials, including a law specific search engine, links, Australian cases, law and other legal matters.
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    Lawlink is the online portal to law and justice agencies and services in New ... a free government service that provides help to people with a legal problem or ...
    7 Apr 2014 ... Litigants unable to afford lawyers should be able to accrue HECS-style debts under a government-backed loan scheme floated by a respected ...
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    This is a chronological list of significant cases decided by the High Court of ... salary receipts of federal government employees were subject to state stamp duty ...
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    The Australian legal system is based on a fundamental belief in the rule of law, ... State and territory governments fund legal aid services for cases being tried ...
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    Search a collection of sites about significant and infamous law cases.
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    The Local Government Law Journal is your guide to local government issues and ... Also in this Part are the Local Government & Planning Law Guide Cases: ...
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    Journal, Local Government Law Journal: Parts, 23/07/2012, 30116983, N/A ... Alert 24 - Executive Compliance News - Local Government - ... Online. $1,373.76.
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    It provides web-based services for clients to access information about cases before the ... policy advice on the family law system to the Australian Government.
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    3 Dec 2012 ... Find out about upcoming court cases through the daily law lists.

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